Lego has released another kit that will delight builders and fans of air-cooled Volkswagen models alike. The latest addition to its growing portfolio of cars is a bay window Volkswagen camper van that comes with realistic features.

Unlike some of the simpler Lego kits, the bus is not a toy; It’s a 2,207-piece set that is 13.5 “long, 5.5” wide, and 15.2 cm high. With the set number 10279 it was developed for experienced adult builders as the successor to the split-window model sold in the early 2010s. Like its predecessor, both in the Volkswagen range and in the Lego world, the bus has, among other things, a newly designed front section and a sliding side door.

Volkswagen’s emblematic bus took many forms during its decades of production. Lego will bring it out as a camper, which is one of its most famous configurations. Builders have to assemble a Westfalia-like pop-top roof and a fully equipped interior with hinged cupboards, fabric curtains, a sink, a teapot and a folding back seat. The set also includes a pair of folding chairs, a surfboard and stickers for those who want to personalize it.

The camper is a Volkswagen licensed product and is surprisingly realistic. We can see that it is modeled on a pre-1973 bus because, for example, the front turn signals are positioned under the headlights; they ascended later. Lego made the steering work so that minifigures can do their best #vanlife whatever environment you build for them in.

Lego’s latest Volkswagen kit will be available online and in stores on August 1st, 2021. It costs $ 180. If you’re more into bugs than buses, Lego released a 10-inch long, 1,167-piece Beetle (set number 10252) in 2016.

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