Car dealers across the UK are expected to follow the Marshall Motor Group’s lead in maintaining COVID-19 security measures in showrooms in the face of rising cases and rising self-isolation orders.

AM reported yesterday (July 15) on AM100 PLC’s decision to maintain all of its COVID-19 measures – including face masks, social distancing, showroom screens and unaccompanied test drives – after the government lifted all restrictions in England on July 19 would have. Freedom Day “.

Yesterday the UK recorded 48,553 new coronavirus infections – the highest since January – when it was revealed that more than half a million people had resulted in more than half a million people being dependent on the NHS track and trace app were to self-isolate for 10 days.

An analysis by the Guardian newspaper suggests that 1.6 million people are currently in self-isolation.

Around 900 of its employees at the Nissan Sunderland car plant were reportedly absent after being “peded” by the app, while Rolls-Royce said it was approaching a “critical point” as employees were forced to self-isolate.

Daksh Gupta, CEO of Marshall, told AM he expects more companies to follow his example to protect the health and safety of employees and customers as cases continue to rise.

Gupta had said Marshall’s decision, which he called the “verdict of the verdict,” could have met with mixed reactions.

But after a day of gathering feedback from colleagues and on social media, he said, “The response I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.

“My hope was that by taking this decision and taking the lead, we would relieve others who are considering maintaining their COVID measures, but nervous about the reaction.

“I am confident that we made the right choice and after the reactions and discussions I have had, I think other car dealers and companies in other sectors will do the same.”

Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waterstones are among the UK retailers who have now said customers should continue to wear masks after July 19 to protect employees and other shoppers.

Sainsbury’s has said these signs and Tannoy announcements would remind shoppers to cover their faces.

Transport authorities in London, Manchester and South Yorkshire have said travelers are required to wear masks on trains, trams and buses.

A recent YouGov report found that 64% of Britons plan to continue wearing masks even after COVID-19 restrictions end, while 40% will continue to avoid crowded places.

AM reported earlier this week that more and more people are deleting the NHS COVID-19 app from their smartphones, fearing that July 19th “Freedom Day” could spark a wave of forced self-isolation and staff absences.

A survey published by Savanta ComRes and reported by the newspaper i found that a third of 18 to 34 year olds have already deleted the NHS Covid-19 contact tracking app and another 20% of all adults plan to remove it from theirs. to delete phone on July 19th.

Last week, AM reported that car dealers are keen to see the government provide an “urgent solution” to the problem of employee absenteeism due to COVID-19 self-isolation regulations.

The BBC reported that 4.5 million people could still be asked to self-isolate by Aug. 19, and car dealers told AM that a solution to employee absences prior to the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted on Aug. July had become the most pressing ongoing business problem in England.

This week, Peter Vardy, chief executive of the Peter Vardy Group, AM, said his company is currently off work for 70 of its 1,000 employees as self-isolation exacerbates staffing problems after COVID.

He said, “It’s a real concern for us. With that many people out of the business, it just gets harder to deliver the service we want. That puts a lot of strain on operations in some places. “

Speaking to AM about lifting COVID-19 restrictions on July 19, Swansway Director Peter Smyth described the problem of taking healthy staff off work due to a social warning as “a constant pain”.

“We need to cut absences from work. If that means more regular testing, so be it, ”Smyth told AM.

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