Siemens has received an order from Bernmobil, the transport company in the Swiss capital, to supply charging infrastructure solutions for the operation of 14 new electric buses.

These are to be used on lines 19 and 21 from the beginning of 2023.

The project includes fast charging units at three end stations as well as charging infrastructure for the Eigerplatz bus depot. A cloud-based depot management solution from Siemens is used as software-as-a-service.

Bernmobil is committed to promoting the electrification of local public transport in the Swiss capital.

“Our goal is a completely climate-neutral bus network with 100% electrically powered vehicles by around 2035,” says Markus Anderegg, Deputy Director and Head of Technology at Bernmobil.

“A reliable and efficient charging infrastructure is an important prerequisite for us in order to achieve our goal. In Siemens, we have a partner with whom we have enjoyed a longstanding and good collaboration in the tram sector. “

At the end stations of Elfenau, Blinzern (line 19) and Bremgarten (line 21), three Siemens Sicharge UC 600 rapid charging units including a charging mast with top-down pantographs will be installed. Vehicles with an output of up to 450 kilowatts can be charged during the planned stops.

According to Siemens, the charging unit is connected to the vehicle fully automatically, so nothing has to be connected manually. The loading mast is 6.5 m high and weighs 2.5 tons; with a footprint of 130cm x 33cm, it is relatively compact.

In the Eigerplatz bus depot, Siemens will install seven Sicharge UC 200 rapid charging units, each with three fuel pumps. This means that a total of 21 bus parking spaces can be equipped with an electric charging infrastructure.

The Siemens charging infrastructure, consisting of Sicharge UC charging stations, fuel pumps and CCS2 connection cables, will be installed by Siemens in the existing depot during ongoing operations.

In order to manage the complex system with several Sicharge UC pumps per charging center, a digital depot management solution from Siemens is used in the Eigerplatz bus garage. It is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

This means that the software is operated and maintained by Siemens and made available to Bernmobil for use. Among other things, the system monitors all electrical currents, generates reports on charging processes and enables diagnosis and charging management.

“In addition to the charging infrastructure, such digital systems are a key element for optimal depot operations. This gives our customers transparency over all charging processes and thus, for example, control over their energy requirements and costs, ”adds Birgit Dargel, Global Head of Future Grids at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

“By offering the software as a SaaS model, Bernmobil can fully concentrate on the efficient operation of its electrified bus fleet.”

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